Briztone’s website for Highwood Financial Services goes live

Highwood website

Briztone has recently been working on the design and development of a new website for Highwood Financial Services, based in Watford. We are pleased to announce that the new website is now live at

Highwood approached Briztone to carry out a review of their previous website, and suggest any possible improvements. Often when design agencies are asked to do this, they are unnecessarily overcritical of the previous website. Agencies do this to enhance their own designs and the client’s perception of their expertise. Sometimes this can be to the detriment of the website, which means that the client isn’t necessarily getting the service they should. During our review of the website, we noted the elements that were positive and were working, as well as the areas that we thought would benefit from something different. This ensured that Highwood received a thorough and honest report on their website.

We set about combing through every single page of the website, reviewing content, design, usability, flow and function. We were then able to put together a proposal for how we thought the site should be constructed, and how the content should be displayed. We also submitted to Highwood some initial ideas for the look and feel of the website, based on our report.

Highwood appreciated our efforts and were in agreement with our fair assessment of their website. Highwood requested us to commence developing a new website for them. Over the next few weeks, we worked closely with the team at Highwood, fine tuning the tone and character of the website to suit Highwood and their message. We also worked together to ensure that the website design was in tune with other corporate media produced by Highwood.

The new website has an in-built content management system (CMS), allowing Highwood to upload news articles themselves. When the website was ready, we walked Highwood through the CMS and demonstrated how it works. Highwood can now be confident and comfortable using the website, knowing that Briztone are on hand to help, should they need us.

Thanks Highwood. We enjoyed working with you.