RedSeven Poster Illustrates Briztone's Illustration

Poster design for RedSeven Marketing

Some jobs really give you an opportunity to explore and have some fun. I found this recently when asked by Robert Cotterell at RedSeven Marketing to come up with some designs for a poster promotion. 

RedSeven were founded in 2013. And they have some ambitious plans for their future growth. I was asked by Robert to create some poster designs to illustrate RedSeven's goals for growth.

With an initial slogan of 'perfect ten,’ Briztone put together some ideas in various styles and tones of voice. This gave a great platform for RedSeven to fine tune the message they were trying to get across. Briztone then worked with RedSeven to design a poster that put this message across in a visually fun way. We have managed to produce poster that looks fresh, yet stays within the style of RedSeven’s recent literature.